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Robert G. Stiefvater

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You cannot go back and change the fact that you were arrested for DUI.  As if the embarrassment of the OVI arrest wasn’t bad enough, now you are facing severe penalties:

  • a permanent criminal record;
  • a mandatory jail sentence;
  • loss of your driving privleges;
  • heavy fines; and
  • the ongoing fear of how a conviction will impact your employment and personal relationships.

You cannot change the past but you can control your future.

Your choice of DUI attorney is critical to the successful defense of your DUI charge.  I am attorney Robert Stiefvater, an experienced and aggressive DUI lawyer.  For over seven years, I have been aggressively defending my clients in State and Federal Courts throughout Ohio.  And I will aggressively defend you.


I will dig relentlessly to find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.  Once found, I will exploit them and use the weaknesses to your advantage.  Ask any attorney around, I am known for looking at a case from every angle.  There are many ways in which to break a case.  It could be the officer’s reason for your traffic stop; there could be an issue with the way in which you were “field tested”; the testing equipment may not have been properly calibrated or have been calibrated by an unqualified individual; the officer may not have read you the correct form…  The potential issues are too numerous to list.

I stay current with the testing equipment and procedures use by the police and have a clear understanding of how the equipment operates, how it should be operated, and all of the seemingly insignificant issues that could have provided a false blood alcohol test result.

If you refused the BAC test, then you are also facing an ALS (administrative license suspension).  I will defend you against this license suspension as well.


If you have been charged with DUI/OVI in Mentor or anywhere in Northeast Ohio, call me immediately to discuss how I can successfully defend your security and freedom.  Time is not on your side.  Your successful defense can be reached directly at 216-867-0429.  Call me, DUI attorney Robert G. Stiefvater, for a free consultation.

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